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D I Y / Layered Glass Picture Frame

 photo LA02.jpg

 photo LA03.jpg

 photo LA01.jpg

Assemble the glass squares and rectangles with a picture in between and clip together. I framed this snapshot I took of Romeo’s new haircut instead of the usual taping it to the wall. Next thing I’m doing is adding more glass and one or two more pictures to have them overlapping and looking like a 3D collage.
/ a couple of pieces of glass
/ a clip
/ a picture
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L I F E / To Give And Take

 photo LoveAestheticsgive.jpg

It’s hard to believe that there is only one month left of 2013. And this last month can be quite a stressful and crazy period, where the city always seems to be crowded with people who are trying to buy their way into a nice Christmas; the perfect outfit, the perfect gift, the perfect wish list.

Usually I specifically ask for nothing but risk getting something I do not want by those gritty Christmas givers. So here is some -relatively- useful stuff, in slightly more luxe versions than usual, to either give or take. Some of these things I already own like the lovely Claustrophobic notebooks, which are used to write very special memos and love letters. Take notes Santa.

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W E A R I N G / Everyday

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSeveryday00.jpg

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSeveryday000.jpg

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSeveryday0000.jpg

Like being wrapped in a cozy thick blanket, is what wearing this coat feels like. I wore it to Antwerp earlier this week, where the backpack I designed for Eastpak Artist studio was launched(more on that soon). This outfit isn’t more more than a compilation of basics; jeans, tee, sneakers. But so incredibly comfortable for going about the city that it’s the second time I wear this exact combination in one week.
Coat: Vintage (similar, similar)
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Glow in the dark Nike Air Max 1 (also comes in Air Max Thea)
Necklace: &OtherStories
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L I F E / Eastpak Artist Studio – Ivania Carpio

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSxeastpakone.jpg

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSxeastpaktwo.jpg

Last week the international launch of all the Eastpak Artist studio bags took place in Antwerp; a project in which selected artists from 14 countries projected their vision and creativity on the classic Eastpak Pak’r Backpack. All proceeds of the sales will go to charity organization Designers Against Aids. It was an honor to be asked to participate and a lot of fun to come up with a concept and make my backpack.

‘Customizing’ the bag by adding decorations without a clear function or a purpose did not make sense to me. When I got the classic Eastpak Pak’r backpack to do whatever way I wanted to it; my first thought was that this was actually already a great design; the ultimate, basic, archetypical backpack.

So I chose to make a few small yet radical changes to the bag; I changed the solid back of the bag for clear perspex and moved the outside pocket to the inside. This way only the wearer can see what’s inside and the outside is left completely bare. I wanted it to be about exposure and concealment, with the disease of aids in mind which is often an invisible problem.

/ Update:
About when it will be restocked and where it will be available; bad news, there is only one of them. This concept-version that I made myself. Every artist was given one bag to ‘customize’. The fact that you guys see it as a product available for purchase is such a huge compliment to me and means that I’ve achieved the goal I had in mind for it; making a functional and wearable bag while at the same time communicating a message.

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W E A R I N G / Shades Of White

 photo loveaestheticsshadesofwhite00-1.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsshadesofwhite0.jpg

One of those thrift finds that doesn’t need any adjustments, is not missing any buttons, is not stained and don’t even have a funny secondhand smell. I asked myself if anyone has ever worn these trousers at all or if they have just been lying forgotten in the back of someone’s closet since the late 80’s. I got them for only € 3 at Think Twice, a vintage shop in Antwerp.

bomber: Weekday
trousers: vintage (similar)
iPhone case: Pantone
pouch: Jil Sander
trainers: glow in the dark Air Max 1 (also comes in Thea)